Records Manager

Maintain Corporate Records

  • Store organizational records securely
  • Track ownership and leadership
  • Customize notifications for meetings

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Seamlessly Track BOI

Gain full visibility of your ownership details in Records Manager. Securely store BOI to simplify reporting.
*BOI Reporting Service sold separately

Reduce time spent searching for corporate records

Improve compliance during board and staff transitions

Access critical data on-demand for simplified reporting


Records Manager stores the organizational documents specific to each type of entity.

Corporations store articles of incorporation, bylaws, amendments, meeting minutes, and corporate resolutions.

Nonprofits store articles of incorporation, bylaws, amendments, IRS letters, meeting minutes, and policies.

LLCs store certificates of organization, amendments, operating agreements, meeting minutes, and resolutions.

A screenshot of Articles of Incorporation documents uploaded into our software


Records Manager tracks internal meetings of all types. Set the frequency of recurring meetings and Records Manager sends reminders based on your notification preferences. After each meeting, Records Manager securely stores your minutes and resolutions.

A screenshot of a list of meetings and a new meeting being created

Explore the Power of the Harbor Compliance Suite

Streamlined compliance management for your business lifecycle, including entity, tax, records, and license management. Our unique SaaS-based compliance portfolio management platform is purpose-built for the needs of compliance professionals and administrative teams.

Experience new levels of confidence and efficiency with powerful data integrations, real-time status visualizations, carefully curated nationwide data repositories, and in-depth status and tracking features.

The Harbor Compliance Suite includes:

  • Entity Manager
  • License Manager
  • Tax Manager
  • Records Manager
  • Requirements Research Engine

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