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We handle your DBA project from conception through maintenance. We navigate registration requirements across state lines, check name availability, prepare and file DBA registrations, track renewals, and prepare and file renewals.

  • Access to a compliance specialist who consults with you on your project
  • Complete document preparation, filing, and follow-up with government agencies through approval
  • Full transparency of your project status and renewal tracking via the new DBA List feature in our software
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New Mexico DBA / Fictitious Name / Trade Name Registrations

Registration requirements for New Mexico business entities

Business entities that plan to use a name other than their legal business name may need to register an assumed name. Assumed name registration can take place at the state, local, or state and local levels of government. State specific registration information is available below.

New Mexico Fictitious Name Registrations

New Mexico Fictitious Name Registration

Not required

DBA / Fictitious Name / Trade Name licensure is not required on the State level in New Mexico.

New Mexico does not currently have fictitious name registration requirements at the state or local level.

Registration Not Required

Not required